QR codes on headstones? You bet!

Quick-response codes allow access to videos, pictures, websites of deceased


DETROIT – Companies across the country are using barcodes to help families honor their loved ones.

With the QR (quick-response) codes, people have access to videos, pictures and websites - things the family may want to share about their loved one.

How does it work?

The QR codes are similar to the bar codes found on most products. The digital patterns, when scanned by a smartphone or an iPad with the proper application, connect the user to a website with the person's written history, photos and videos. The information on the site is provided by the family, and the service is part of the headstone purchase.


Visitors can interact with, exchange thoughts with, ask and answer questions about the deceased.

Like Facebook, the QR Code enabled site tells you, if you're a member of the network, who has been there and the messages that has been posted and how people are keeping up with their lives after the funeral's over.

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