Washington Township girl writes message on balloons before setting them free, gets far-away replies

Olivia Apfel, 10, sets balloons free with note for finder to call her; balloons travel more than 300 miles

Olivia Apfel
Olivia Apfel

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Have you ever watched a balloon float away off into the sky and pondered how far the wind would take it before it popped or deflated?

A Washington Township girl wondered the same question and decided to find out for herself.

Olivia Apfel, 10, decided during her July birthday party to see exactly where three balloons would go when she set them free.

She wrote her telephone number and a simple message on the helium balloons asking anyone who found them to, "Call this phone number."

She said she made a wish and let go of the balloons.

A man in Ohio found the first balloon and called Olivia's family to report the balloon had made it almost 250 miles from their home.

The other balloons were found by another caller in Pennsylvania some 300 plus miles away who also called to say happy birthday to Olivia.