Shrine Circus Coming to Town

Detroit Shrine Circus Ringmaster Richard Curtis
Detroit Shrine Circus Ringmaster Richard Curtis

HAZEL PARK – Detroit's Moslem Temple Shriners started the now worldwide Shrine Circus tradition right here in Detroit in 1906. Shrine Circus coming to Hazel Park Raceway from March 21 to 24th and March 28th through March 31. They are proud of their one-ring circus tradition.

In Detroit and many other cities, we play under the World's Largest Circus Tents, a massive complex of imported Italian canvas that is comfortably heated and complete with all the amenities the Shrine Circus is famous for.  Our big top tent allows us to perform in the pure European one-ring tradition that predates the oval multi-ring shows that have been adapted to suit modern sports complexes. --from Shriners website.

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