Little girl battling brain cancer gets hero's homecoming in Livonia

Abby Rubenson, 8, home from hospital after several brain surgeries


LIVONIA, Mich. A little girl battling brain cancer received a very special homecoming Friday.

Following several surgeries Abby Rubenson got to come home from the hospital for a break, and people in her Livonia neighborhood wanted to make sure she got a hero's welcome.

Neighbors, friends and all those who love the 8-year-old welcomed her home from months of treatment in her battle against brain cancer.

Back in May Abby had some stroke like symptoms on a school field trip and was rushed to the hospital.

The next day she spent hours in surgery.

"She had been vomiting for three months prior to this and we had no idea this was the cause. So we were shocked. It turned our lives upside down," said Rubenson.


Abby has a brain tumor known as Medulloblastoma. It's found most often in an area of the brain that controls body movement and coordination.

Her parents have been by her side through her radiation and recovery.

The community was there along the way in spirit.

When word spread that Abby was coming home, her friends wanted to make sure she knew how much they love her.

"And if it weren't for the outpouring of love from the community and our friends and just being able to see God's hand in all this, I don't think we would have made it through," said Abby's mom, Kelly Ann Rubenson.

"It means everything. You couldn't make it through something like this without all the different people who have been helpful to us," said Abby's father, Greg Rubenson.