Allen Park mother fights to protect children from sexual predators

Amy Carns works to create Children's Protection Act in Michigan

ALLEN PARK, Mich. - Amy Carns' ex-husband was arrested by undercover police officers for trying to meet an underage girl who he solicited sex from online.

Her daughter was just 15 months old at the time. Her ex-husband, a convicted sex offender, was still allowed visitation rights with his daughter.

That's when the Allen Park mother's legal battle began.

"I realized on that day that when (Child) Protective Services said my daughter would get reunited with this man, I realized that I was not just the mother to (my daughter), I was now the mother to thousands of children across the state," Carns said.

Since then, she has worked to draft new legislation she calls the Children's Protection Act. It would protect children of registered sex offenders by letting the child's non sex offender parent decide whether the other parent would be allowed visitation.

"It's not just about my little girl. It's about the thousands of other little children out there that need this law to get passed," Carns said.

Former Oakland County prosecutor Dave Gorcyca said there could be legal issues involved.

"No court anywhere, including the United States Supreme Court, will allow you to just unilaterally, because he is a sex offender, terminate a parental right," Gorcyca said. "There is going to have to be an opportunity to be heard and due process rights involved. So, I think that legislation could face some constitutional challenges."

Carns plans to introduce this legislation, along with several state lawmakers, on Feb. 7. She urges parents to contact their local lawmakers and vote yes on the Children's Protection Act.

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