Alternatives to a prom tuxedo

By Jon Jordan - Fashion Editor

DETROIT - Who says formal can't be fun? Rock Stars and Young Hollywood know that award shows and red carpets are a great opportunity to show-off creative fashion. So is your Prom. It's the perfect place to make an entrance, turn heads, and even reinvent yourself.
The modern prom dress has evolved. Long, pastel, floor-length gowns have been replaced by short dresses in bold colors and prints. They are fun and flirty, sassy and sequined.
Guys have new choices, too. A classic tuxedo is never a bad call, but there are alternative options that will guarantee your individuality and command attention.

Here are some basic pointers to rock your alterna-tux:

DO YOUR "HOMEWORK" -Look to the Internet for photos of what cool guys in your favorite band, on your favorite TV Shows, and in your favorite movies are wearing to VIP events.
CHEAP CAN LOOK CHIC - Stores like H&M, Forever 21, and even vintage stores have great, inexpensive jackets, suits and vests.

START AT THE TOP - Rethink what constitutes a proper jacket.

MIX & MATCH - Hollywood stylists get paid big bucks to put together outfits in unexpected ways.

MAKE A STATEMENT WITH YOUR SHOE - Brogues, boots, sneakers--add some footwear flare!

TIE ONE ON--OR NOT - Bow tie, necktie, no tie....maybe a scarf


BE FEARLESS - Even a brightly-colored, shirt, or unexpected pattern can make you stand-out. It gets on everybody's best-dressed list.

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