Bargain hunters compare diaper prices

Search for best diaper deals could be worth time

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The cost of raising a child is an estimated $300,000.

When it comes to babies, the cost of diapers alone may surprise you. Some bargain hunters has been comparing prices and came up with some ways for parents to save some money.

"We found depending on where you shop you can spend 500 to 900 dollars a year diapering just one kid," said Kevin Brasler, Executive Editor of For the first time ever, that website conducted a diaper price survey. Prices were analyzed at local grocery stores,warehouse club stores, drugstores, discounters, and online stores.

Buying bulk saves money

You probably won't be surprised that found some of the best prices at Target, Costco, Sam's Club and BJ's. In addition, it found shopping in bulk is a good idea, as buying a box of more than 120 diapers will likely save you 15% to 20%.

Diaper delivery deals

If you're not shopping online for diapers you may be surprised by this next nugget. Checkbook found very low prices for brand name diapers with Amazon. It's called Amazon Mom, part of its 79 dollar annual prime membership. Parents get two-day free shipping along with other perks.

"Prices there were far lower than any of the local stores we shopped... any of the online stores we shopped... you know 400-dollars in savings... a 79-fee doesn't look so bad." said Kevin Brasler, Executive Editor of

Plus, the delivery is a key selling point for many mom's. "I think every mom knows what an ordeal it is to have to drive your children to the grocery store I'd rather gnaw my own arm off than have to do that," said one busy mother.

Cloth diapers: Wash yourself

Checkbook says cloth diapers have made a comeback. However, while cloth is more eco-friendly, checkbook calls it the most cost efficient if you wash them yourself.

Some mothers swear by cloth diapers, but are willing to compromise. "It feels like the gift that keeps on giving... so when i do buy disposable diapers which I use a nighttime or during travel... it really feels like throwing money away."

One final tip

There's one last tip from, it says don't rule out generic brands. They are very cost efficient, but always try to get a small package first for a test run. Once you know they work well for your child, you can start buying in bulk.

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