Boy Scout tents required to have smoke detectors

Boy Scout summer camp tents to have a smoke detector installed before operation this summer

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LANSING - In what may be the first edict of its kind in the nation, state Rep. Ken Goike has learned that the Michigan Department of Human Services is requiring the Boy Scouts of America to equip their summer camp tents with smoke detectors.

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DHS regulators have informed the Michigan Crossroads Council that they will require all summer camp tents to have a smoke detector installed before operation this summer.  Goike wants the order rescinded immediately.

"It's unbelievable that the state would issue such an impractical edict, especially with all the serious challenges we currently face in Michigan with our economy and roads," said Goike, R-Ray Township.  "It boggles the mind and defies common sense.  It's an example of government intrusion at its worst, and should be rescinded."

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Goike said the regulation has never been enforced in Michigan or any other state.

"The regulation is impractical and pointless," Goike said.  "It's an unnecessary financial burden on the organization and lacks common sense from a real-world standpoint. Implementation of this new requirement will cost thousands of dollars, not to mention the impracticality of having a smoke detector at a campsite where bonfires are commonplace.  We need to work with the governor's office to address this regulation, as we have many other times."

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