Family with special needs children hoping to win specialty van

Mom: 'It is not an option to life them in, out of vehicle'

WARREN, Mich. - Raising a special needs child poses its own set of challenges, but how about raising four. For one local family this ramp makes it easier to get in and out of the house, but how about going to and from the hospital.

That's a nightmare the Logan's need your help with. Ask any expecting parent what they want, and the common answer is "a healthy child." after having three healthy children of their own. Patricia Logan and her husband decided to expand their family years ago in a way most people can't possibly fathom, by adopting four special needs kids.

"I love them all... I've got a good support system. Everyone needs a home," says Patricia.

Michelle - now age 37, Evan 31, Shana 28 and Jason 22, all have cerebral palsy among other disabilities.

Amanda Amburgey is one of six grandchildren. she serves as one of her aunt and uncles' caregivers.

Amanda says, "I would love to just see them be able to enjoy life. It's not like there is an option to be able to lift them in and out of a vehicle. We cannot lift them there is no option."

Without a lift van that accommodates multiple wheelchairs, the Logan's don't have the means to leave their house as a family.

We can't take all four of them out because we only have the van with one wheelchair tie down in it," explain Patricia.

The van they do have is in need of major repairs they simply can't afford.

Amanda says, "To find a van that has three wheelchair tie downs or even two it's really hard and really expensive. I'd just love to see that happen for my grandparents and the kids."

That is where you can help. The Logan's are part of the Mobility Awareness contest to win a van that could transport all four adult children at once, but they are up against hundreds of others and are trailing in votes. The last day to vote is May 10th. There are two Logan families listed so make sure to vote for Patricia Logan from Warren.


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