Fenton family welcomes quintuplets

Hicks family is now plus five

By Paula Tutman - Reporter
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ANN ARBOR, Mich. - The Hicks family of Fenton recently grew by five.

Parents Jessica and Robert are still settling in to the idea that with one little boy at home already named Colton, their family has now more than doubled in size.

The couple went through fertility treatments to round out their family.  They thought they were having twins, but every time Jessica went in for an ultrasound there was another baby. 

In March, at baby five she was actually afraid to get any more ultra sounds. But, now that they're here and she can't remember what it was like without them.

Meet Fenton's newest fab five:

There is Ryker--beautiful stubborn Ryker --who had to be pulled feet first from his mother's womb because he was holding on. 

--Baby Ryker

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Carol is named after her dear departed granny, she will never see her lovely face, but she has her grandmother's spirit.

Parker was the first to emerge into this amazing new world. And little Nicole has already made it clear; she's a daddy's girl.

Lastly is Emmett; he's the tiniest of the bunch.

--Baby Emmett

The pressure is now on Jessica and Robert who realize the day is coming when their five bundles of joy will start going home to Fenton. 

The family lives in a small home with one bathroom.  Mom is leaving work as a dental assistant for fulltime mom-hood. 

And though both parents are adamant that they will be fine; everyone knows that even simple things for one child can add up.

The young couple is not asking for donations, but rather if anyone is interested in helping them with their new super-sized family, a fund was created to help with diapers and formula.

You help the family by donating HERE.

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