High School principal declares leggings a distraction

School requesting students wear longer shirts or stop wearing leggings

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A high school principal in Minnetonka, Minn., has declared leggings a distraction and discouraged girls from wearing them at school. Dave Adney sent an email to parents last week requesting that students at Minnetonka High School "keep things covered up." He says the girls used to wear longer shirts, but the shirts have gotten shorter, and this is a problem.

He reiterated his message in a statement to the Star Tribune: "Cover your butts up," he said. "We're seeing too much."

Carolyn Miller has seen worse. As a middle school English teacher in Rogers, Ark., she finds low-cut tops and lower-cut jeans revealing rear cleavage or "whale tail" much more distracting.

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"I think leggings and jeggings are perfectly acceptable if worn in a way that covers the student's rear end," she says.

Miller added that she is not sure she would notice if a girl's leggings did not offer full rear coverage. "Making sure student dress is appropriate has to be part of my job, but it certainly isn't at the forefront of my mind," Miller says. "I usually have bigger fish to fry."

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