Holiday toys with an 'ick' factor: Gross or good?

By Tony Statz - Producer
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Parents beware if you have a low threshold for farts, burps, and other bodily functions. Retailers are rolling out some interesting toys for the upcoming holiday season. 

Consider this: Toys R Us will role out a line of Monster 500 creepy-looking toys, including a CrocPot.

What is a CrocPot you might ask? It's an some kind of monster sitting on a vehicle that resembles a toilet and the monster is holding a toilet plunger. The store is also selling electronic pets that fart and burp, and a that functions as a megaphone to emit very loud farts.

Still, going gross could be a huge money maker. One toy analyst told USA Today the gross-out items could rake in $100 million in sales.

"Fart sounds are the sound of profit this holiday." said Jim Silver, editor in chief of, a children's product-review website.

Toys R Us is not alone. Here are some other interesting items your children might be clamoring for this holiday season:  

• Disgusting electronic pets. The Ugglys, made by Moose Toys, not only fart and burp, but make about 30 other repulsive noises. 

• Yucky toy balls. Horri-Ballz, by Vivid Imaginations, are plush toys that make sounds like farts, burps or screams when you toss them. 

• Smelly fart machine. The Despicable Me 2 Fart Blaster, looks like a cross between a gun and a megaphone and blasts loud farting sounds that emit the scent of bananas. 

• Icky science kit. If you're eager to make stuff like fake snot, The Wacky Lab Disgusting Science Kit, by Edu-Science, is for you. 

• Farting piano. Suppose you played the piano, and instead of playing music, it played fart sounds. That's precisely what the Prank Star Fart Piano, by Skyrocket Toys, does. 

• Poo-Dough. No, it's most definitely not Play-Doh. This Poo-Dough, also by Skyrocket, is modeling clay that looks like the real thing.

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