How to avoid getting a ticket

New survey sheds light on what drivers should do

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Police officers are giving their advice on how to avoid getting a ticket according to a new survey on Shine at

First, officers suggest drivers take care of their cars. Police say drivers shouldn't put controversial bumper stickers on vehicles, and should always keep it clean.

Also, add-ons like spoilers, neon lights and tinted windows are eye magnets to most officers.

Second, if an officer and realizes a driver has broken the law by speeding, or running a stop sign, the driver should acknowledge the officer. He or she should wave to the officer so they know that the driver recognizes they did something wrong and are correcting it.

Third, if a driver is trying to get out of a ticket they should set a court date, and then defer it as long as possible. Police said drivers could get lucky and the officer may forget about the date or specifics about the case.

Finally, if you're pulled over for speeding, don't admit to it.

According to officers in the survey, admitting that you were speeding gives them information to use against you in court. Instead say to the officer "I see", or "I was not aware of my speed." It could help you if you end up in court over the ticket.