Lauren Sanders: A reflection on motherhood

DETROIT - What motherhood means to me:

It is the perfect opportunity to walk with a new, little human being -- taking them by the hand and showing them just how wonderful the world can be.

You are their first teacher.
Their first love.
Their first comedian.
Their first disciplinarian.
Their first connection to the world.

I'm honored, thrilled, drained and taxed by the joyous rigors of motherhood ... It's what was in my heart to do for a long time.

We hear a lot about the pursuit of the perfect gift for mothers on mother's day. But, one of the first things we learn as mothers is that mothering and raising people is far from perfect. It is messy, unpredictable, and beautiful in it's own chaotic way... It's the ultimate joy and pain of life perfectly intertwined.

To all you mothers out there and to women who don't have biological children but who share a bond with children and with mothers of children... We see you, all your Herculean efforts to make things work.

For all you do as a mother maybe today is a day that you do a little less... Laugh a little more, and enjoy the family you are creating.... Because it's too big to grow up all too fast.

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