Man Caves vs. Mom Caves

By Lisa LaGrou

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DETROIT - Having just come off of a wonderful Mother's Day celebration, I got a little taste of me-time and relaxation. Yes, I celebrated with my family and my mother as well, but I also had the opportunity to take on less responsibility for the day, and focus on me. When you work so hard, it's amazing how refreshing and enjoyable some alone time can be. So why not at least fantasize about an ideal "Mom Cave?"


We've all heard the term Man Caves. My husband has his own man cave in our finished basement that he prefers everyone steer clear of. It's his place to get away, watch his nerdy sports, play guitar and do his work. If our kids get into his things and touch something in his space, he gets pretty irked.


It's an invasion of his alone space.


When we first moved into our home, we were thrilled to have a finished basement. But, a good portion of the finished basement was quickly taken over by my husband. He really put a stamp on his area of the basement or "man cave." I can handle the TV and the couch is nice enough but the rest is laughable. He litters the area with all of his guitar gear, CDs and yes, a giant lava lamp. He literally "wall-papered" the walls with his old eighties bedroom rock and sports posters, pretty much ensuring no reasonable adult would venture to that portion of our basement without laughing. He loves the place.


Many moms will probably admit that once they are given some time to themselves, they come back refreshed and better able to take on the day. So, why not have Mom Caves? Is it realistically possible? I can barely make a trip to the bathroom or take a shower without interruption, but if I could pull off a Mom Cave, then I'm ready to hire the contractors.

If I decided to build my own mom cave, here's a jist of what it would be like.

I would have…

  • a TV with a DVR and a remote/programming that I control. My DVR would probably be filled with recordings that I'd be almost embarrassed to show anyone – e.g. Price Is Right, reality shows like the Bachelorette and Dancing With the Stars, chick drama like Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy, and some funky medium and psychic reality shows.
  • a fun selection of brain teaser activities and games (I know, weird, but I just like that kind of stuff).
  • cozy warm temps in the winter, i.e. heat set at about 78 so I can wear shorts when I lounge around; and never too much A/C in the summer – who wants to feel cold in the summer?
  • a library of some great books that I could read without interruption.
  • so many lit candles I wouldn't need a lamp.
  • a drink and snack bar full of foods and drinks I love because I typically buy groceries the whole family enjoys and I miss out on those unique items that only I like.


And in my Mom Cave, I don't have to hear anyone complain.

So, moms - what would your Mom Cave be like?


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