Parents of Michigan infant who died from Pertussis launch vaccine awareness campaign

Francesca Marie McNally dies at just 3 months old, her parents start Franny Strong Foundation

DETROIT - A Michigan infant, just 3 months old, has died from a contagious – but preventable – illness.

Now, her parents are working to make sure no other family suffers their same tragedy.

Francesca Marie McNally died May 17 from Pertussis, more commonly known as whooping cough.

The best way to prevent against Pertussis is to get vaccinated against it.

Francesca's parents, Veronica and Sean, said they don't remember being offered the vaccine for Pertussis, but they don't want others parents to miss out on it.

In honor of their daughter, Veronica and Sean have launched the Franny Strong Foundation.

They plan to work with hospital to raise awareness about the vaccine and symptoms of Pertussis.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says children should get five doses of the D-Tap vaccine starting at two months old.

The CDC says teenagers should start getting the booster vaccine at age 11 or 12.

Pregnant women who have not been vaccinated should get one dose and adults should get the vaccine at least two weeks before coming into close contact with a baby – if they haven't had it in the last 1- years.

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