PETA giving out 1000 free door stickers to alert firefighters of pets in Metro Detroit

Pet alert emergency stickers let firefighters know companion animals are inside

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DETROT - In response to the death of a family pet trapped in a fire on the Detroit-Hamtramck border Wednesday, PETA hopes to help families make firefighters aware of companion animals during a home emergency. The pro-animal organization is giving away door stickers to the first 1,000 Detroit-area residents who ask for one.

The 4-inch bright-yellow sticker reads, "In Case of Emergency, Please Save Our Animals" and provides space to write in the number of each type of pet living in the home.

PETA suggests pet owners can also laminating a homemade sticker and place on the door or window to provide first responders with the same information.

"Many animals have died in house fires because firefighters were unaware that they were trapped inside," said PETA Associate Director Lindsay Rajt. "Simply alerting first responders to the presence of animals can mean that all family members survive a fire."

The organization says they routinely receive accounts of firefighters who have bravely rescued cats, dogs, and other animals from homes in the midst of a blaze. Even if the animals are unconscious from inhaling smoke, specially made oxygen masks have been used successfully to revive them.

To get your free pet alert sticker e-mail to request one. Or visit for more information.

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