Plastic surgery trends among teens

By Lisa LaGrou

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NOVI, Mich. - One has to wonder with the bullying battles teens face each day, would a teen go as far as getting a plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery procedure with hopes of safe-guarding oneself against the threat of bullying?

Are teens pursuing plastic surgery options like rhinoplasty for medical reasons or cosmetic reasons?

Are more teens chasing unrealistic expectations of a perfect body image through cosmetic surgery? 

Recent research suggests a decrease in the overall number of cosmetic (aesthetic) plastic surgeries among teenagers (those 18 and younger), according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

  • 10 Years Ago: There were 298,704 procedures in 2001 representing 3.5% of the total
  • Five Years Ago: There were 174,851 procedures in 2005 representing 1.5% of the total
  • Last Year: There were 203,308 procedures in 2009 representing 2.0% of the total
  • This Year: There were 125,397 procedures in 2010 representing 1.3% of the total

I interviewed a local plastic surgeon to see what trends in teen plastic surgery they have noticed, if any. I spoke with Doctor Diana Lambie of Star Plastic Surgery in Novi, Mich.

"Throughout the past few years our practice has not seen any significant increase in our teen plastic surgery procedures," said Lambie. "We have a lot of consultations for surgery, but the number of teens that actually goes through with the surgery is small."

"Rhinoplasty (nose), gynecomastia (male breast reduction), and breast augmentation" are the leading procedures among teens," said Lambie, when asked what she sees as the most common procedure teems opt for.

I asked the doctor why teens are looking to have plastic surgery done and according to Lambie, "Most all of the teens that come in for a consultation and go through with the surgery are all directly related to self-esteem issues."

At Star Plastic Surgery in Novi, the percentage of procedures that are medically necessary such as correcting an abnormality verses ones that are completely cosmetic, vary with the procedure being done.

"When dealing with male breast reduction, it's almost always medically necessary," said Lambie. "Rhinoplasty and breast augmentation are the opposite, 99 percent cosmetic."

The policy at Star Plastic Surgery in Novi for teens is that parental consent is required for anyone under the age of 18.
The percentage of teen boys and girls that get procedures done at Star Plastic Surgery is 20 percent and 80 percent, respectively.

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