Poll: Men and women divided on hardest wedding vows to keep

60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll reveals gender divide on love, marriage and relationships

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After the "I dos" are exchanged, the wedding is over, and the marriage begins, the idea is to stay true to your wedding vows, right?

Not every vow is treated equally among the sexes.

A 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll released on Wednesday shows a gender divide between men and women about which vows the struggle most to keep.

For men, "to be faithful" was the most popular, bringing in a 27-percent vote as the most difficult vow to keep. "For better or for worse" came in second with 23-percent of men's votes, with "for richer, for poorer" at 18-percent and "in sickness and in health" closely following with 17-percent.

It's a different story for women, with "For better or worse" coming in as the most challenging vow. 32-percent of women voted for this vow as the hardest to keep, followed by "to be faithful" at 25-percent, "in sickness and in health" with 16-percent and "for richer, for poorer" earning 12-percent.

1,100 adults were surveyed about love, relationships and marriage. Among the questions they were asked, 87-percent believe good sex is "very" or "somewhat" important for a successful relationship. If you consider yourself a hopeless romantic, you aren't alone. 58-percent of those surveyed believe in love at first sight.

To see the results of the survey, and the rest of the questions asked, click here.

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