Proof our children make us stronger

By Lisa LaGrou

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DETROIT - I've always been embarrassingly squeamish. I even went as far as to deliver my children naturally - only partially for the "natural" experience, but probably more so because the thought of a needle going into my spine was not something I wanted to entertain.

Being a parent has forced me to be strong in certain situations that I would normally not be able to face. A big culprit is fear. As a parent, you can't always let on that you are fearful of a situation as this fear will then pass on to the child. So if your child gets hurt and senses that you are scared and upset, they will surely be more frightened and upset. We are their support.

So when it's time for us to be strong, it's funny how we start off with intentions to be their support, when in actuality, the children somehow make this possible for us instead.

Here's my recent experience that better explains this. My daughter is in 2nd grade. Her teacher sent out an email asking for parent volunteers to conduct an eye dissection. I avoided the email for a couple of days. But, then my daughter approached me and asked that I come in to help with the dissection project. I looked back at the email from the teacher who specified that this would be a simple project so I thought my involvement would be more supervisory.

Well, the day came and I found myself in a classroom listening to instructions for how to cut open a sheep's eye. I sat there with a scalpel, scissors, and a real sheep's eye in my hand - wondering what I got myself into. I looked over at my daughter who is a lot like me as she refused to even put on a pair of gloves, and I told myself I needed to set an example for how you can encourage yourself to do things and conquer your fears.

I sliced the eye ball with the scalpel, cut it in half with scissors, and took it apart so the children could see the retina, lens, cornea and all the other parts. And, my hesitant daughter ended up putting on some gloves, grabbing the different parts of the eyeball and inspecting them herself. I got my strength from her, and it made her stronger too. 

I looked around the classroom and noticed that all of the other parents had gotten their strength as well. Even the one dad who we all thought would not make it through the instructive presentation, found himself cutting into the eyeball with some confidence.

This eyeball story is such a small example within the lifelong parent's journey. Being a parent puts you in positions every day to draw strength from your children. All those things you never thought you could handle but accept because you have to... The sleepless nights, mountains of dirty diapers, watching your child become sick or hurt... Every day life events that force you to be stronger no matter how insignificant they may seem at the time.


I know people who have lost a child, had a child who fought cancer, autism, injuries and many more unpredictable and trying situations. When you choose to have a child, you take everything that comes with it. I'm truly amazed by the strength I've seen from parents. And, I'm amazed at this gift given to us by our children. 

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