Temporary tattoos serve as allergy warning for kids

Temporary tattoos are usually fun designs and flashy colors. But some students will be returning to class this fall with something else stamped on their skin -- their medical issues.

Several companies are now offering temporary tattoos that will display things children are allergic to.

Designers of the tattoos say they are mostly intended for younger children who may not be able to explain what they shouldn't have.

Local 4 Dr. Frank McGeorge says while the temporary tattoos are not a bad idea, there may still be a better way.

"For severe medical problems, medical bracelets are still probably the most obvious source for medical personnel and really I think anyone else that might be looking. We know to look for those bracelets. It's in the public consciousness," McGeorge said.

Here are some companies that officer the temporary allergy-warning tattoos:


Peanut Free Zone


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