Things you don't need to buy for your newborn

Over preparation can lead to over spending

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 It's perfectly natural for a new parent to want to be completely prepared for the new arrival. But, over preparation can lead to over spending.  Fact is, for the first few months of life, newborns don't do much but eat or sleep. So, here are a few baby products you won't need for a few months.

  1. Baby Shoes. Two things to remember here. First, babies can't walk. And two: newborns grow so fast, they will outgrow them faster than you can buy them.
  2. Baby Laundry detergent, Many "extra gentle" detergents contain the same ingredients as regular, less-expensive detergent and skip dryer sheets to avoid irritating baby's skin.
  3. Wipes Warmers. These little plastic boxes soak up shelf space and electric power and put out lukewarm baby wipes. You can get the same effect with a warm washcloth.
  4. Diaper Pail. Imagine all of the large and clunky plastic diaper pails that will end up in a landfill once baby outgrows the diapering stage. Not to mention all of the plastic trash bag liners that go inside the diaper pail. Since there's really no way to re-use a diaper pail after its intended purpose, make due without one. Take soiled diapers outside to your trashcan regularly to avoid household odors.
  5. Toys, Videos, Stuffed Animals. says most new parents assume they need to find the latest and greatest educational toys and videos to turn their newborn into a genius, but the best way to engage and bond with your baby is to interact with him in an animated fashion. Read him The New York Times out loud over breakfast, sing to him, and involve him in your day-to-day activities by narrating what you're doing.
  6. Stacks of Fluffy Blankets. Blankets are by far one of the most popular baby gifts, but few are actually safe and appropriate for wrapping up baby. The soft, cushy factor that adults love about baby blankets pose a risk to sleeping babies due to their fluffy texture and their risk of overheating. Instead, opt for thin receiving blankets and swaddling blankets, like the one seen at the top of this post, and layer them over baby's pajamas or clothing as the base for keeping them toasty.
  7. Baby Toiletries. added these items to their list. Shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer. We use these things to try to recapture the softness and sweetness of babyhood in our own skin. Babies just have it naturally. All you need to wash a baby is warm water and, at the very most, a little mild castile soap.
  8. The only things you really need for a baby are a place for her to sleep, enough clothes to keep her warm, something to catch the poop, and an ample supply of milk. You probably also want to be able to move the baby from place to place in a carseat or stroller.

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