Woman shares mother's incredible story of strength

DETROIT - While all mothers are special, we introduce you to a metro Detroit women has shown incredible strength to keep standing after all that life has thrown her way.

"My mom is my best friend," said Sarah Grzebinski. "I talk to her probably five times a day on the phone."

You could call Sarah's mom, Rene, "Supermom."

"She's always been nothing but supportive to me and my family," said Sarah.

Nearly 25 years ago, Rene's life was changed forever.

"Me and my family were going up north for Thanksgiving and we got into a really bad car accident. My mom was changing my baby sister and flew out of the car," Sarah said.

Sarah was the only one who was not hurt. Her 7-year-old and 1-year-old sisters both died. Her mom was flown to the hospital, her injuries almost indescribable.

"The only real bone in my mom's face is her chin," Sarah said. "And her mouth was wired shut."

Rene still lives with physical reminders of that crash.

"My mom has double vision, so she can't really drive at night. She gets really bad migraines that can take her down for a couple of days," Sarah said.

Since the crash, Rene has had a fourth child -- who never got to meet the other two. Every Mother's Day, Sarah wishes she could give her mom one gift.

"To have my family all in the same room again," she said. "She needs to know exactly how wonderful she is, like ...every mom deserves it really but I want her to know she means the world to me."

So, this year she's making sure to do just thank with three simple words: "I love you." These are words she hopes every mom hears this Mother's Day.

Friday morning, Local 4 News Today invited Sarah and her mom to watch the show live in studio. There was also a surprise, Brittani's flowers provided a bouquet for Rene and Spago provided a manicure and pedicure for her.

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