From the forest to your living room: Custom tables made in Livonia

LIVONIA, Mich. – A local company based out of Livonia has become quite the buzz in the world of home furnishings. Their prized product? Custom made tables called "live-edge tables," made from salvaged trees found around Metro Detroit.

Tree-Purposed salvages dead, dangerous or unwanted trees from around metro Detroit that would otherwise be condemned or removed. Their mission: clear, save wood and logs from landfills, tub grinders and burn piles.

The company was founded by Evan Burger, who knows a thing a or two about trees. Burger is also the owner of a local tree service, Arbor Man LLC.

Jason Cowan, of Tree-purposed, explained that they recycle the unwanted trees in the form of slabs, which are then used to make their products. The company also makes custom-made cutting boards, coat racks, tables and stools.

Interested in checking them out? Click here.