New book digs deeper into murder of Bob Bashara's wife, Jane

Bob Bashara serving life sentence

DETROIT – “The Sadist, the Hitman and the Murder of Jane Bashara” is a new book by George Hunter and Lynn Rosenthal that is taking a “deep dive” into the murder mystery that continues to shake up Metro Detroit.

Ever since the discovery of Jane Bashra’s body on Jan. 25, 2012, in the back of her dumped Mercedes SUV in Detroit, the case unfolded and revealed elements of the underworld of sex dungeons in places such as the Detroit and Grosse Pointe Park border. Mistresses, hit men and greed surrounded Jane’s husband, Bob Bashara, famously known by his license plate: “Big Bob.”

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Jane was a marketing executive and mother.

Bob is serving life in prison for her murder after he was found guilty of hiring a handyman to commit the crime.

What was the true motive for the murder? What does “Big Bob” himself say about the book?

Shawn Ley spoke with George Hunter to ask him what surprised him, still shocks him and how Bashara responded to his interview request for the book.

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