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‘Best Desserts Bracket’ is underway

Assorted desserts
Assorted desserts (Pixlr)

Brownies? Pie? Cake?

It’s the time of the year when desserts are all around us, tempting us at every party and holiday gathering and waiting for us to just say, “Alright, give me the cake already ... once I’m done with this piece of pie, of course ... more whipped cream, don’t mind if I do."

This is when you might start to ignore diets and are lured by sugary treats. It’s terrible, and awesome, all at once.

So what’s your go-to when you have a sweet tooth? Please vote in our “Best Desserts Bracket." Our very own Jason Carr put this together, ranking what he believes are the most popular desserts in Metro Detroit.

You can’t argue with Jason. He knows his desserts just as well as he knows his burgers -- remember the Burger Bracket??

The “Best Desserts Bracket” is in Round 2 on Dec. 10:

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