What’s the stork bringing? 9 ways people swear you will know if it’s a boy or girl

Breakouts, sickness and mood swings, oh my!

Baby holding parent's finger.
Baby holding parent's finger.

There’s no doubt that one of the most exciting times in the life of an expectant parent is finding out the sex of your baby.

There are old wives’ tales, “tricks” and alleged tried-and-true ways to figure out what you’ll be delivering.

Truth be told, aside from a blood test doctors can now do early in pregnancy, it’s all mostly a guessing game. But it is a fun one!

Here are nine ways people say you can determine the sex of your baby before he or she is born.

1. Breakouts

Some say girls will steal their mother’s beauty, ergo if you have breakouts, you’re having a girl.

2. Morning sickness

If you have to concentrate to keep your breakfast down, signs point toward a girl. If you are one of those who strolls through pregnancy without morning sickness -- which we wouldn’t recommend broadcasting to the pregnant world -- you’re looking at life as a boy mom and/or dad.

3. Mood swings

Some believe if a woman is carrying a girl, her estrogen levels are higher, therefore causing her to be especially moody. (Don’t blame the messenger 😆).

4. Where you’re carrying

Have a high bump? You can start shopping for all things sugar and spice. Sporting a low bump? Signs point toward having a boy, some people say.

5. Heart rate

Check out the baby’s heart rate. In comparison to 140 beats per minute, if your baby is beating above that, you’re looking at having a girl. If your baby is beating below that, you’re looking at having a boy.

6. Cravings

Cravings for salty foods point to a boy, some say, and cravings for sweet stuff points to a girl.

7. The string test

Tie your wedding ring to a string and hang it above the pregnant belly. Did it swing in a circle? Get ready for a boy. Did it swing back and forth? Prepare yourself for a girl.

8. Dreams

Having some interesting dreams? Some people say whichever sex you dream about, you’re having the opposite.

9. Toddler test

Spend some time with a boy toddler. If he shows no interest in your belly, you’re having a boy. If he’s interested in your belly, you’re having a girl.

In reality, these are all speculation as to what can predict the sex of your baby. But let’s be honest: They’re fun to add some guessing into the game!

Take our quiz to determine if you could be having a boy or girl (for fun, of course!).

Did you find out the sex of your baby? If you didn’t know the sex, were the predictions from your friends or family members accurate? We’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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