Flashpoint 5/5/19: Chaos on Capitol Hill, Detroit's high car insurance rates

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DETROITHere is what you missed on Sunday's episode of Flashpoint:

The chaos on Capitol Hill continues.  What do you suppose was the bigger news -- William Barr's appearance before a senate committee on Wednesday or his lack of an appearance before a house committee on Thursday? 

The Wednesday appearance left the speaker of the house convinced Barr had committed perjury. The Thursday no-show left us with the absurdity of a decorative chicken sitting in his place. 

In another day and age it would have all seemed absurd. In the modern era, it just seemed like another week in the nation's capitol.

It is all terribly interesting, but is it all coming at the expense of other issues that desperately need attention? 

Those issues include American infrastructure, and keeping Russian hackers and influencers from polluting our next election. 

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has ordered a review of the way car insurance rates are tallied in Michigan. Does it make any sense to you that your credit score figures into the cost of your insurance?

We discussed that. 

Then we got into the turmoil at the Eastern Market, and Michigan’s gerrymandering case could be headed to the US Supreme court.

Segments One and Two: 

Dustin Walsh, senior reporter, Crain's Detroit Business; Susan Demas, editor-in-chief, Michigan Advance; Ian Conyers, former Michigan state senator and Sandy Baruah, president and CEO, Detroit Regional Chamber. 


Segment Three: 

Flashpoint host Devin Scillian wraps up this week's episode with a tribute to Detroit federal judge Damon Keith. 

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