Oreo launches cookie dough, marshmallow crispy flavors

New cookie flavors are available in stores now

(Samantha Okazaki / NBC News)

DETROIT – Since Oreo released Watermelon flavored cookies in June, they have been relatively quiet on the new flavor front. That is, until now. Introducing two new Oreo flavors: cookie dough, and marshmallow crispy.

The cookie dough version uses the standard wafers and a cookie dough flavor filling with tiny chocolate chips. The marshmallow crispy version, similar to a Rice Krispy treat, uses Golden Oreo wafers, and includes crisped rice bits.

Aside from regular fixtures like Double Stuff and Golden Oreos, it rolls out limited editions on a fairly regular basis. For its 100th anniversary in 2012, it offered a "birthday cake" flavor, and last year it came out with more than a dozen limited-edition flavors.

And if you need to separate your Oreos, check this out!


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