The real first day of Spring: Oberon Day!

Bell's Brewery is based in Kalamazoo


DETROIT – Technically, the first day of spring was Saturday, but the real first day of spring is today -- it's Oberon Day!

Bars across Michigan are ready for their summer beer, as they celebrate the release of Kalamazoo's own Oberon Ale, brewed by Bell's Brewery.

Bell's makes a variety of beers year round, but it's the Oberon Ale that gets summer started for beer fans. Some bars even have midnight release parties every year for the Oberon Ale.

Bell's began brewing Oberon Ale in the early 1990's. The name Oberon comes from the king character in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." The beer's shelf life is only 6 months.

Information can be found on the Bell’s Brewery website, which also has a ‘beer finder’ to direct you to where Oberon will be available.

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