3 reasons why fast weight loss never works


DETROIT – We see it over and over again – people want to lose weight, they don't feel great about how they look, and so they go to a program that promises fast and easy results. Sometimes, those programs even deliver – in the short term.

The problem with fast weight loss, and the reason it never works in the long run, is that your body isn't designed to lose weight fast, and as soon as you try to do it a lot of bad things happen.

1   Your Hormones are signaled by your fat

•    Not all body fat is bad for you, and ALL of it has a purpose.

•    Stored body fat is proportional to a hormone called "leptin", that controls appetite, modulates metabolism, and promoted fat burning.

•    When fat levels drop quickly, leptin drops quickly as well, and your body is triggered to believe you are starving. That shuts down systems and makes your body do everything it can to conserve energy and stop you from losing more weight.

2  Nutritional deficiency

•    Restrictive, low-calorie diets are usually deficient in necessary vitamins/minerals

•    Lack of vitamins leads to bad skin, hair, and nails… alongside a suppressed immune system. That means you're more likely to get, and stay, sick.

•    Lack of minerals can lead to irregular heartbeat, muscle cramps and lose of bone mass.

3  Psychological Complications

•    Severe restriction is not sustainable in the long-term, and is known to lead dieters into a binge/restrict cycle – the body fighting with the mind to try to get enough nutrients to survive.

•    This cycle very often leads to severely disordered thinking about food and weight, and frequently into eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia.

•    Restrictive diets often become socially excluding – you're so worried about your food that you're not enjoying life with your family and friends.

This doesn't mean weight loss and a life of healthy maintenance is impossible – it just means you can't do it buy buying into the marketing these big money programs are paying to have you believe. Fast weight loss harms your body, it harms your mind, AND in 97% of cases is leads to regaining not only the weight you lost, but more weight on top of it (that hormone leptin at work, trying to keep you safe!).

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