4 Detroit restaurants to visit on 313 Day

Detroit Day is March 13

DETROIT – This Tuesday is March 13. To some people, that may not mean anything, but it may as well be a national holiday to people who live in Detroit.

The date, otherwise known as 313 Day or Detroit Day, is celebrated by people who have pride for the city they call home. In honor of Detroit Day, here are five restaurants, new and old, in Detroit to check out this 313 Day.

1) Bolero Latin Cuisine

Bolero is located at 51 W. Forest Ave. and serves a wide array of South American dishes, including Peruvian ceviche and four kinds of Spanish paella. They also bring a unique wine/cocktail menu and entree list to the table that includes vaca frita, camarones provenzal and ossobuco de cerdo. A full menu can be viewed by clicking here.

2) Burger Grille

Located at 15539 Schoolcraft Ave., this burger joint has freshly made hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and other kinds of sandwiches that will make your mouth water as you wait for your food. Each sandwich is also served with crispy tater tots. Along with their sandwiches, they also have burger nachos with Doritos chips, hamburger meat, sour cream, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and more. To see photos of the food and for more information, check out the restaurant's Facebook page.

3) Fist of Curry

This restaurant, located at 2547 Bagley Ave., serves — you guessed it — curry. The restaurant used to be The Huron Room, but that changed last month after the building underwent maintenance for the new restaurant. 

Fist of Curry has plenty of vegetarian and vegan curry options. Some curry worth trying includes the Jamaican jerk, tikka masala and japanese kare. They also serve a curry called "?Curry-Osity?" whose unknown flavor is for "curious eaters only," according to the restaurant's website

4) Lafayette Coney Island

You can never go wrong with a classic Detroit staple like Lafayette Coney Island.

This classic Detroit restaurant, located at 118 W Lafayette Blvd., offers delicious coney dogs, hamburgers, salads, french fries, gyros, and everything else you would see at a traditional coney island. The business has been open more than 100 years and has rivaled next-door neighbor American Coney Island since then. Both are great choices, but Lafayette Coney Island wins out in my book.

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