Poll shows that broccoli is America's favorite vegetable in 2019

Vegetable brand, Green Giant announced this today


Detroit, MI – According to a recent poll done by the vegetable brand Green Giant, broccoli remains America's favorite vegetable in 2019. 

This year, more states favored broccoli than in 2018, which makes it known that it is America's favorite. 

Not only did broccoli hail as king, but there are some up and coming veggies that became their state's favorite. 

In Montana, cauliflower reigned supreme and asparagus was No. 1 in Alaska for the first time. 

Some vegetables from the past were hardly apparent in this year's poll. The potato was only voted as one state's favorite and cucumbers are not even on the list, even though they were a favorite of New Mexico and Louisana last year. 

Five-thousand Americans participated in an open-ended survey to get these results. It was conducted for the purpose of National Eat Your Vegetables Day, which is on June 17. 


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