Bubble and Squeak

Brits combine mashed potatoes, veggies in this noisy dish

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Bubble and Squeak is a traditional meal in Great Britain, and is essentially a great way to used left-over vegetables from Sunday dinner. 

It's a combination of cabbage or Brussels Sprouts or any veggie you have on hand, chopped and combined with leftover mashed potatoes and fried.  The name comes from the noises emitted from the food while it is frying.

4 tablespoon butter or oil
small onion finely chopped
leftover mashed potatoes
leftover vegetables cabbage, carrots, peas, Brussels Sprouts, carrots finely chopped
salt and pepper

In a large frying pan, melt butter, add the chopped onion and fry gently until transparent.

Combine mashed potatoes and vegetables into patties and add salt and pepper to taste. Place patties in frying pan and cook over medium temperature, until the edges start to brown.  Flip to second side and repeat until the mixture is thoroughly heated. Flip the patties with a spatula, press into pan and cook for one minute.  Flip and repeat. 

Want to top it off with something? Cook some slices or bacon or fry and egg and you've got a traditional British meal.

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