Report: Fresh fruit is most popular snack in U.S.

Ranks higher than chocolate, potato chips

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When it comes to snacks, most people would likely think of potato chips or candy bars before anything else. However, it turns out Americans are pretty healthy snackers.

According to market research firm NPD, fresh fruit is the most popular snack in the country, and the popularity of fruit is continuing to grow.

In NPD's "Snacking in America" report, Americans on average snacked on fresh fruit 10 times more than reached for chocolate, and 25 times more than they snacked on potato chips over the course of a year.

So why is fresh fruit so popular? NPD explains:

- Fresh fruit is popular among snackers in many age groups. It's a favorite of children and of senior citizens, the report says. Although interest in apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, berries and other types of fruit wanes during the teen years, the older people get, the more fruit they eat.
- Fresh fruit can be eaten at all times of the day. It works as a morning snack, afternoon pick-me-up and even as dessert.
- Americans are caring more about their health, so fresh fruit holds more appeal.
- People who eat healthy snacks tend to snack more often, so they have more chances to eat fresh fruit. (Yogurt and snack bars are also popular in this group, but fresh fruit is tops.)

You can find a summary of NPD's report by clicking here.

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