Restaurant No-Shows Tweeted

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By Tracy Saelinger, TODAY contributor

If you've ever cancelled a restaurant reservation last minute, or worse yet, failed to show up for one at all, beware—a restaurant in Los Angeles recently "outed" no-shows on Twitter, as reported by Eater.

"All the nice guests who wonder why restaurants overbook and they sometimes have to wait for their res should thank people like those below," tweeted Noah Ellis, managing partner at the Vietnamese-fusion restaurant Red Medicine. He then named seven customers who blew off their Saturday night dinner plans. 

 Ellis told Eater. "Either restaurants are forced to overbook and make the guests (that actually showed up) wait, or they do what we do, turn away guests for some prime-time slots because they're booked, and then have empty tables."

Since the weekend, the restaurant has not seen any impact on its number of reservations due to the tweets, probably because most locals are familiar with the restaurant's edgy attitude. 

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