Spring clean your diet: Help your body get a fresh start

Add fresh greens, other foods to your diet this spring

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DETROIT - Spring cleaning season is here, but the focus doesn't have to be all on your home. Spring is the ideal time to add fresh greens and other foods to your diet to help your body get a fresh start.

Watercress is a good choice. Experts say this member of the mustard family can help eliminate impurities in the body.

Artichokes are known to help detoxification in the liver and colon. Artichokes are rich in fiber and take a longer time to eat, so they also help promote the practice of mindful eating.

How about some dandelion greens? This edible leaf is chock full of the antioxidant vitamins A and C. Try tossing them into soups and salads.

You can always add onions. Whether white, yellow or red, this vegetable is rich in sulfonate compounds. They interact with our liver's detoxification processes, promoting aggressive attack on cancer-causing substances.

Fennel is also fantastic to add. Crunchy and slightly sweet in flavor, it can offer the digestive tract a natural boost.

Try water with a splash of fresh citrus. There's nothing like a tall glass of purified water to keep your body hydrated and help it flush out toxins.

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Peels of citrus fruits also contain a compound called limonene, which one health expert refers to as "an anti-aging gold mine."

Another goodie is rosemary. The aromatic herb is also believed to have detox abilities.

Finally, try turmeric. This powerful antioxidant is believed to increase the liver's ability to neutralize and eliminate toxic chemicals.

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