Trading leftovers? There's an app for that

Take a picture of your leftovers, wait for somebody nearby to claim it

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DETROIT - If you hate leftovers, but feel bad about throwing the extra food away, you might love this idea.

Then again, it still might gross you out on some level.

A start-up company is working on a new app called "Leftover Swap."

Remember when you would trade your school lunch with your friends in the cafeteria?

The app works like that, sort of, on a much larger scale. When you have leftovers, you would take a photo of the extra food, post it, and then wait for someone nearby to claim the food -- or even trade you their leftovers for yours. 

Creators Bryan Summersett and Dan Newman came up with the idea three years ago while roommates at the University of Michigan.

They say American waste so much food and they're hoping the idea of stopping that waste would appeal to people, and they'd use the app to share their extra food. 

The service isn't up and running yet, but you can sign up to get more information at

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