5 medical tests all moms should have

Report: Medical tests need to change with woman's age


DETROIT – We're used to mom taking care of things for us, but we should also make sure mom is taking care of herself, too. Dr. Holly Thacker is a women's health expert at Cleveland Clinic.

Musts for Moms

She says some medical tests are a must for any mom.

"Pap smears are the best cancer-screening tools that we have and we've improved that screening with the addition of HPV-DNA tests for women ages 30 and older.

Dr. Thacker says depending on her health history, mom should have a pap test every one to three years.

Mom should also have her blood pressure checked at least once a year, keep tabs on her cholesterol, and her waist circumference.

Dr. Thacker says women with a waist circumference above 35 inches are at higher risk for things like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Mom should also have regularly scheduled mammograms.

The age factor

Dr. Thacker says the tests mom needs may also change with age.

"Women in their 30's may be dealing with fertility issues women in their 40's are getting into peri-menopause with heavier periods and higher risk for diabetes and heart disease. Women in their 50's have to start thinking about colon cancer and osteoporosis. Women in their 60's face higher risk of stroke." Dr. Thacker says moms in their 20's may also be due for a vaccinations: the booster for diptheria, tetanus, and pertussis may be needed, or even m-m-r.

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