Hypnosis may be secret to weight loss

New way to lose weight called gastric bypass hypnosis


DETROIT – There may be a new way to lose weight without ever going under the knife.

According to hypnotherapist Rena Greenberg, she helps her clients lose weight by performing gastric bypass hypnosis. The process can produce the same results as the physical surgery because the client believes the actual surgery took place; saving on the cost of surgery and recovery time.

"We're able to access that deeper place within ourselves and change the images that are running us, we find ourselves doing new behaviors, choosing healthier foods, being more active and it happens effortlessly," said Greenberg.

At least one of her patients says she lost 65 pounds through the method. However, the method is not a one time deal; it's only successful through a number of hypnosis sessions.

The key is to change behaviors; the hypnosis will not work if you continue to eat unhealthy foods.