2013 allergies could be worse than normal

A late winter and a lot of moisture contribute to allergy increases

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DETROIT - Metro Detroit allergy sufferers can expect to feel worse this year, and it's a pattern not likely to change in the next few years.

Those factors – An earlier arrival of spring and a longer growing season, along with increased precipitation and humidity from storms, will all potentially contribute to the increased presence and persistence of allergens, according to a report on Yahoo.com.

"For the year 2020, it looks realistic to say pollen counts will increase by 20 percent," said Dr.Leonard Bielory, an allergy specialist with the Rutgers Center for Environmental Prediction and a physician at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Jersey. However, many variables could change that prediction, he said."

Dr. Martin Hurwitz, and allergy and asthma expert at Beaumont Children's Hospital tells Local 4 that, his season, the pollen count may rise dramatically and suddenly when the colder temperatures that have been seen so far finally abate.

Asthma and Allergy Foundation's annual list of the 10 worst places for spring allergy sufferers is out.
These so-called allergy capitals are ranked based on pollen levels, use of allergy medications and the number of board-certified allergists in the areas, according to a foundation statement.
Everyone in the United States can expect their allergies to be worse this year, thanks to an unusually wet winter, the foundation says.

"Severe weather patterns can bring higher temperatures, higher pollen levels and increased exposure to mold, resulting in spring allergies that can peak stronger and last longer," Dr. Bill Berger, a California allergist, said in the statement.

Here are the top 10 worst allergy cities for 2013:
1. Jackson, Miss.
2. Knoxville, Tenn.
3. Chattanooga, Tenn.
4. McAllen, Texas
5. Louisville, Ky.
6. Wichita, Kan.
7. Dayton, Ohio
8. Memphis, Tenn.
9. Oklahoma City
10. Baton Rouge, La.

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