Children's ToothFairy Foundation benefit: "Music By The Bay"

Paula Tutman's non-profit hosting benefit to keep children smiling


NEW BALTIMORE, MI. – Join the Children's Tooth Fairy Foundation on August 10th, 2013 for a fantastic afternoon and evening of music at Walter and Mary Burke Park in downtown New Baltimore on beautiful Anchor Bay.  Your $10 donation benefits Children's ToothFairy Foundation which provides dental care to uninsured children, including children of many Michigan military families in Southeast Michigan.

Here's more on the foundation:

If you hate to go to the dentist, consider yourself lucky.  That's what Paula Tutman, Founder and Board Chair of Children's ToothFairy Foundation always says.  She hates to go to the dentist.  "I have to be dragged, kicking and screaming to the dentist and I love my dentist, but I hate going."  Her dentist is Dr. Richard Persiani a well-known Prosthodontist who also travels the world providing free dental care to children in developing countries.  When Tutman told him her idea for CTFF, he joined and became the co-founder of the non-profit.  He said, "I go all over the world to help other children and there was nothing like this in my own back yard."


Children's ToothFairy Foundation is a non-profit that pays for dental care for uninsured children in Southeastern Michigan.  They have educational programs that teach children how to take care of their smiles.  And if a child needs dental care, they are referred to one of CTFF's contracted partners for services and the foundation foots 100% of the bill.


Who needs help? Your neighbors.  Anyone who has a child under the age of 17 who does not have dental insurance or access to a dentist.  How do you get help? Contact Children's ToothFairy Foundation and let them know you need a dentist, and they've got you covered.


Who's asking for help? Military families.  When our National Guardsmen and women come back from war, as soon as their status is considered inactive, they fall off the rolls of military benefits.  That means many of the children of our fighting men and women do not have access to a dentist.  CTFF has developed a committee to focus on military kids.  An entire Oakland County school district has also asked CTFF to help their kids with dental care because there is so much need in the district.  Children as far away as Ingham County are showing up, needing help with dental care.


If you're lucky enough to hate going to the dentist, Founder, Paula Tutman says she needs your help making sure a whole new generation of children have the privilege to hate going to the dentist, too.


If you know a child who needs dental care, let Children's ToothFairy Foundation know.  If you can help CTFF with its important work, they'd love to hear from you.  Even a small donation goes a long way when children are involved.