Bone marrow transplant recipient meets donor

10-year-old girl meets man who helped save her life


An inspirational meeting unfolded Saturday afternoon as a 10-year-old girl got the chance to meet the man who helped save her life thanks to his bone marrow donation.

Mychaela Lovelace and her family were filled with emotions when they met Martrel Perry.

Perry traveled all the way from Baltimore to make the meeting happen.

"Like I said, I'm a father too. And if your child's sick, you definitely want to do something," he said.

Watch: Girl to meet bone marrow donor.


--Martrel Perry

The Southfield girl was just five when she was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

"She kept coming home with bruises on her legs, her arms, and red dots," said mother, Eulalia Lovelace.

Lovelace was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. She needed a bone marrow transplant.

Her parents and sister tested but they weren't a match. An unrelated donor was found on the national registry who was a perfect match for Lovelace.

Mom Eulalia says that's something that doesn't happen often for minorities.

If you haven't signed up to be a bone marrow donor, you should.

Visit bethematch.org to find out how.