Pink bulbs support fight against cancer


DETROIT – It's an idea that started with the flick of a switch. Now, one man's idea to help support cancer patients is helping light the way.

This time of year, you will see a lot of different lights, but what happens when you encounter a pink one on the porch?

This past October, cancer turned Julia Daigle's life upside-down.

"We had found she had it a lot worse than we expected," said Tom Daigle, Julia's husband and creator of PinkBulbs.org. "It was unbelievable."

Tom had no idea how rough the road ahead was going to be.

"I've got a ton of good family and a lot of great friends. How do people do this? I was sitting here and a light bulb went off, and as funny as it is, it's about a light bulb," Tom said.

And just like that, pink bulbs came to light.

"What if someone used the color pink, because I know pink is the breast cancer color," Tom said. .

Tom then created a website where people can make donations and, in turn, receive care packages with pink light bulbs and prayer cards.

"You can donate if you'd like, but we're not donating to find a cure for cancer," Tom said. "We're donating to fight against cancer because that is where the war is."

Tom has since had several requests for the pink bulbs and has even been in talks with Phillips, the light bulb company.

"If this could change one life, then pink bulbs has won," Tom said.

Click here to visit Tom's sight and to support fighting cancer.