"Frozen" may negatively effect young girls

Researchers say the Disney movie contributes to self-esteem issues


Disney princesses such as Elsa from Frozen can enforce negative female stereotypes and damage young girls' body esteem, according to new research.

Sarah Coyne, the author of the study, says the movies promote negative female stereotypes, and convince little girls that they can become the unrealistic representations of women that appear on-screen. And when they are unable to become the Disney princess, with notably unrealistic thin waists, the self-esteem is negatively impacted. 

Additionally, the study suggested that Disney characters - princesses especially - promote negative female stereotypes. Among these stereotypes are the avoidance of seeking careers that involve science, or any line of work that is not typically associated with women.

The study involved 198 pre-school children, and found that 96% of girls and 87% of boys had viewed "Disney princess-style" movies. More than six in ten girls played with toy characters at least once a week, while four in ten boys did the same.

Coyne suggests that parents be wary of Disney princess culture, and understand that it can truly harm their children's psyches.