Michigan mother launches petition asking Meijer to remove candy from checkout aisles


A Michigan mother is trying to get Meijer to remove junk food from its checkout aisles.

Jane Kramer, listed from East Lansing, Michigan, launched a Change.Org petition asking Meijer for healthier checkout aisles.

"I’ve been a Meijer customer for eleven years and truly appreciate the many wonderful things Meijer does for its communities, but there is a much-needed change towards healthier checkouts! Meijer founders Hendrik and Fred Meijer said it best, “Take care of your customers, team members and community … and all of them will take care of you, just like a family.” I’m asking Meijer to put customer health first by removing junk food from its checkout aisles. I would love your support on my petition to make our communities healthier!"

"As a mother, I’m also concerned that checkout aisles are flooded with tabloids and magazines obsessed with body image, gossip, and adult-themed topics – placed directly at the eye level of children. It’s toxic to all, but especially to children. I know Meijer can do better! Access to age-appropriate reading materials at home and school improves children’s reading skills, test scores, and reading enjoyment. Why not at checkout?"

"Healthy checkout aisles are good for communities and business. Providing checkout aisles that support customer health and are easier for families to navigate would give Meijer a competitive edge over other grocery stores. For parents especially, it could be the determining factor when deciding whether to shop at Meijer or one of its competitors."


We reached out to Meijer about the petition, and they released this statement:

Millions of customers come to Meijer each week and our goal is to ensure our offerings appeal to the needs of a very broad and diverse customer base. We are proud of the healthy choices we offer throughout our stores as well as the fact that our customers can count on us for all of their shopping needs, whatever their buying preference.

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