Infertility: One couple's long struggle to make a family inspires others

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It's something many couples struggle with but few actually talk about -- difficulty conceiving. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 12 percent of women who are of child-bearing age suffer from infertility or have difficulty carrying a pregnancy to term.

Georgio and Kristan are what many consider to be the perfect couple. They've been married nearly 13 years and both have successful careers. Kristan is an elementary school teacher and Georgio is a film and television director of photography.

They spent years trying to have kids and nearly gave up. "I got stuck in that blame. It was all my fault. I did it. I did something to cause it," Kristan reflects.

In this heartwrenching story, the couple shares how their plans to start a family took more of a mental and physical cost than they had ever expected. Staying positive and optimistic was hard to do, and at times they weren't able to, but with faith and determination they found a way to bring hope to other couples going through the same struggle. 

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