How to be a happier person


Make your first thought of the day a positive thought. Don’t look in the mirror and think of the things you would change, think of the things you like about yourself. Turn on an uplifting playlist while you get ready, too.

Make sure you make time for yourself, and make time for others. Taking some time in the week, from a trip to the spa, or simple 30 minutes set aside to read a book, is important for one’s self. Taking time to give back to your community is just as important, and can help you feel just as good. Volunteering through a church, association, or even your office is a good way to be a part of a team that are all focused on the greater good and positivity.

Getting enough rest is another important factor that contributes to overall health and happiness. Make sure to go to bed early, or sleep in a little later, in order to get enough rest to keep you going throughout the weeks.