'Knitted knockers' bringing comfort to breast cancer patients

Volunteers creating knitted prosthetics

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. – With yarn, needles and stuffing, a group of volunteers are bringing comfort to women battling breast cancer.

They're creating "knitted knockers" -- knitted prosthetics for patients who have lost a breast in the fight against cancer. 

Knitted Knockers volunteer Dena Hirchak has made over 100 of them in all sizes, all free of charge.  Each one takes about two hours of work.    

"It's just so nice to help people," said Hirchak.  "It's a skill that I have so I can put my hands to use."

The "knitted knockers" are given out to patients at medical centers.  They're an alternative to prescription prosthetics, which require a special bra and can't be worn until 6 to 8 weeks after a mastectomy.   The knitted prosthetics can be worn much sooner and with any bra..

"Patients have just remarked how soft and comfortable and light they are," said medical assistant Sara Brennan.  "We have patients that use breast prosthetics that they get through prescription, and they also like a knitted knocker for a different scenario, so it really depends."

Hirchak hopes to teach more people how to make the "knitted knockers."

Her goal --

"To build up an inventory, so that when anyone requests one, there's always a pair or single knocker available," said Hirchak.

To learn how to volunteer or to request one or two "knitted knockers," click here

The organization also accepts donations to cover the cost of postage.

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