Experts: How to keep your kitchen clean and where bacteria might be hiding

Nutritionists breaks down kitchen health concerns

PLYMOUTH, Mich. – Most people try to keep their kitchens clean, but they often aren't as clean as many would like.

There are hidden bacteria in kitchens, which are everywhere on surfaces.

Mona Alaudhi is a certified nutritionist at the Better Health Store in Plymouth, which she manages. She spoke with Local 4's Steve Garagiola about how to keep kitchens clean and where bacteria might be hiding.

When food is sliced on a cutting board, Alaudhi said it's not enough to just wipe it down afterwards.

"It's very important to sanitize," Alaudhi said.

After food is cooked, it shouldn't be kept in the refrigerator for more than four days, Alaudhi said. She said the time frame is even shorter for households with children.

Alaudhi also spoke about the dreaded expiration date on milk, the five-second rule and more. You can watch the full story in the video posted above.

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